COWSHED - 2019

Cowshed is a spa treatment and product brand by Soho House. Originally launched in 1995 as a spa in Somerset, England, the name grew into a range of organic and natural products using ingredients picked from the garden of Babington House.

The challenge was to keep Cowshed's signature sense of fun, bringing it up to date, while making the packaging do justice to the quality of the product .
As the Creative & Product Director myself & my team lead the rebrand to refresh all parts of the identity which included new brand values, logo, packaging, marketing collateral, website, tone of voice, photography and video art direction.

As it was a full refresh we didn’t just update the labels as had been done in the past, as part of the values we identified the actual packaging needed to change too. The labels are made from GF Smith ‘Extract” range which takes disposable paper coffee cups destined for landfill and transforms them into beautiful paper. The new bottles are made from a carbon-neutral bioplastic which is a by-product from the sugarcane industry.

We commissioned artist Katie Scott to create botanical illustrations of the ingredients in our products to go on the bottles and boxes.