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Olympic fever has finally hit, as London prepared for the eyes of the world and avid visitors to descend upon it, everyone become decidedly patriotic and why not; it's rare we get to cheer on team GB. But the support doesn't stop at the white cliffs, oh no, china supports you too....

I don't know why but I noticed a while ago the Union Flag heavily features in Chinese fashion; perhaps it's just considered as a pattern like spots and stripes; but for blog purposes ; "Come on team GB"!

Team GB blog

This is just a fraction of Union flags walking the streets of Shanghai, I think China has plenty of people to cheer there team on with a population of over 1.3 Billion, as where with Great Britain were just over 60 million so will take a few additional supports wherever we can!

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A little bit Ginger Spice, but you can even have a tailor made dress.

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Or how about your own Mod style scooter; excuse the laundry!

I hope staying up late with be worth it when watching the Ceremonies and events, Team GB make me proud!