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Being stuck behind a computer screen is all very well but when ever I get the chance to escape to the real world, I jump at it (all be it with smartphone in hand). As well as working on in-house designs at I also get the opportunity to work with talented external designers, which is a great way to keep your ideas fresh.

Visiting a designer’s studio or house is always an amazing insight into their way of working. I’m currently developing a range with the Lovely Ali Miller.

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Ali has quite a magpie approach to her work, gleaning and reappropriating images and patterns from a bygone age. With a hands on approach she initially hand cuts all the images and then digitally reworks the composition; using nostalgic references but then creating a modern look with the unusual juxtaposition and editing of the cut-outs.

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Her studio space is also her home and her work is dotted about each room; her work is about her life and also part of it on a day to day basis.

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You don’t usually get tea and biscuits served like this! Unless you’re Sherlock Homes!

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Keep an eye out for her first collection due for release Xmas 2013 at