Graduates - 2013


It's that time of year again. When graduates emerged from their studios and workshops; rubbing their eyes from sleep deprivation and get dressed up for the starkly lit graduates show spaces. I always try to find the time to see as many Graduate shows around, to see what the next generation of talent have on offer. Also to spot any potential designers I can work with in my role at Made; If you look at my New Designers Blog from 2011 I‘ve happily managed to work with quite a few.

Below are my top 17 picks (as I couldn’t narrow it down to 15) across all the shows and disciplines.

Accessories and Homeware -

Graduates 20132

Ann Mercer - Her whole ceramic collection was amazing, miniature urban landscapes for your home. – one for the lust list.

Graduates 20134

Anna Wheelhouse – the indentations create the illusion of high-rise windows.

Graduates 20138

Lucy Norman – Has a number of really interesting projects and Sun Punch really appeals to me due to its simplicity in shape and then additional element of embellishment and shadow.

Graduates 201313

Matt Marshall – His multi-use spoons were very pleasing to the eye.

Graduates 201314

Andy McKinney – I really liked the minimal and industrial approach to these desk accessories (unfortunately could not find weblink)


Graphics, Illustration and Textiles -

Graduates 20136

Amanda Grayland – There were definite Art Deco influences to Amanda's work, and I thought you could really visualize the design on a Moquette on the London underground tube seats (that is a compliment). Here miniature hand cross stitches  were a delight.

Graduates 20135

Renee Dominique Dorman – Spotted at New Designers, Its rare to have such a nice combination of graphic pattern and hand drawn lines.

Graduates 20137

Emma Sheldon – A truly modern and 3D textile, the shape and pattern changes with each fold.

Graduates 201310

Sian Elin Thomas – Having graduated in 2012, she was back in the 1 year on section after a very busy year. She has developed many successful, wallpaper, stationary and textiles ranges already. extremely professional work for one so young.

Graduates 201311

Josie Shenoy – also in one year on Josie's Parade prints are captivating, initially catching your eye from afar and then pulling you in closer and closer  to discover every little detail.


Furniture and Product -

Graduates 20133

Emily Phillips – Emily's mold blown pieces have two bulbs, rather unusual. I really like the layering of the tonal hues; and the modular nature of the design.

Graduates 2013

Colin O’Dowd – Stix are such fun, encouraging imaginative play for children, using the simple process of cable tying various wings and limbs to twigs to create all sorts of little characters.

Graduates 20139

Tom Gottelier – An industrial solution to a domestic product, this stool is cast and true to its materials in its from and weight. Using 3 identical pieces, bolted together to create 1 piece.

Graduates 201312

Karthik Poduval – Room for two stool is a playful design, where you can extend your stool to accommodate a friend.

Graduates 201315

Mona Tripp – He Hidden Pedestal tables were really interesting, initially starting out with legs like an abacus and then evolving into the much more angular final pieces. This was due to the the manufacturing process Mona developed; creating a modular jig, so the lathe would not have to be reset every time.

Graduates 201316

Daniel Liss – A great multifunctional piece perfect for the urban dweller with limited space, the table can be easily adapted from two work stations back to one dining table..or if you’re feeling sporty table tennis!

Graduates 201317

Josie Morris – Initially it was Josie's Handle lights that caught my attention. The handle details pulls the lighting family together; but this isn’t the only item she exhibited. She has a great eye for from and material which can be seen right across from her lighting to accessories  - very talented.