Milan Furniture Fair 2013 – Trends

Kirsty Whyte_Milan_13_blog_trends_Colour

The Milan Furniture Fair is the highlight in the Furniture design calendar. With the immense Salone sprawling 24 Halls, Ventura Lambrate, Tortona area, furniture showrooms and also independent events dotted all over the city; with only 3 days to see as much as possible I started the impossible task of squeezing in as much as possible; with the Interni Guide clutched in one hand and my camera in the other it was time to wear the soles of my shoes down! Below is a brief summary of emerging trends that caught my eye.

Trends summary:

Kirsty Whyte_Milan_13_blog_trends_Colour

Colour: - More Fluro accents - Pastels - Think Sugar coated almonds (mints, candy floss pinks) - 90's spectrum (global hyper colour T-shirts)


Kirsty Whyte_Milan_13_blog_trends_Finish

Finishes: - Ombre-graduated colour - Quilted fabrics - Raw finished wood - Wood grain through paint


Kirsty Whyte_Milan_13_blog_trends_Materials

Materials: - Minerals - Marble - Polished Brass and copper. - Natural Wood


Kirsty Whyte_Milan_13_blog_trends_Products

Dominant Products: - Scoop back chairs - Storage - Bringing the Indoors out


Kirsty Whyte_Milan_13_blog_trends_Styles

Styles: - Playful Quirk - Ethic Artisan

Stay posted fro a more detailed look into my highlight products across the whole fair from Saloni to Tortona.