Weekend Meanderings – Brick Lane

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Despite being able to catch a cold in April, I decided to venture out and make the most of the blue sky. By going East side to my much loved London Markets; which I really missed in China and am still deprived off now I live West! Kirsty Whyte_Brick lane (8) It was officially ice cream weather! Brick Lane and Spitalfields are getting a bit posh (mainstream) these days. Sadly many of the stands in Spitalfields are becoming mirror images of each other with the same mass produced t-shirts and statement necklaces. Thankfully towards the Sunday Upmarket on Brick lane there are still the independent creatives selling there wares at great affordable prices and some vintage nuggets...it didn't take me long to blitz through my £50 budget!

Kirsty Whyte_Brick lane (7)

Two main stands I thought were worth a mention:

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Les 2 Coquettes L2C is a lifestyle project. it is fresh and immediate, everything is made with humour. loved their whole ethos and simple but perfectly executed little brand. So I picked up one of their fab Heart t-shirts, optimistic that spring isn't too far away now. If you can’t get east they have some items on ASOS.

I also met Michael of Penroll a great solution to all those loose pens drifting around in my cavernous handbag! I had actually already spent all my £ by then but he kindly accepted a rogue 10Euros from me instead.

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Kirsty Whyte_Brick lane (6) These are a great gift for any creative in your life or Moleskin hoarder.

Kirsty Whyte_Brick lane (10) Not a bad haul in all £45 + 10Euros!