Heal's Discovers - 2016


Heal's discovers - 2016 - kirsty whyte A key part of Heal’s heritage has been partnering with independent designers to bring customers well-made and good quality design – be they well-established or newly discovered names.

For Heal’s Discovers 2016, we decided to focus on having a representation across product, from accessories, illustration and furniture. The Winners were selected as the design team had met them all the previous year through various projects and spotted them as ones to watch for the future.

Will Baugh designs innovative products, inspired by a fascination of industrial mechanism and traditional manufacturing processes. His winning collection consists of a set of folded steel brackets, for use in a home office environment to store documents, notebooks and stationary.

As a recent graduate, Tim Summers’ Flip Desk originated from a live project that Heal’s collaborated on with the Furniture and Product BA at the Cass Faculty of Art and Design. Tim’s Flip Desk creates a solution for smaller homes in urban areas.

The Ola Studio ethos is to create beautiful, balanced and thoughtfully designed everyday items. Ola Studio’s winning collection features a pattern inspired by the shapes and forms cast by the specially commissioned Bocci chandelier in the Cecil Brewer staircase and illustrations of the Heal’s Cat, both iconic features of the Heal’s flagship store on Tottenham Court Road.

I worked on all product development, and manufacture and also mentored each designer through the process.