Sleeping on the Job


Falling asleep at your desk in the UK is actually a sackable offence. In china no one blinks an eye while staff take 30 winks. I guess this is mostly due to the unnecessary numbers of staff working in one place; shops and hairdressers being the main perpetrators. They are bored stiff, I would slip into a zombee-like coma too. 5 greeters before you enter the establishment is never necessary.

Falling asleep in any location and position is quite a skill.

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Surely that's against some sort of food hygiene standard.

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Having a rest at your uniform in the place you work!

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Some of the guys that featured in my previous blog taking in the spring sun.

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Hitching a ride, on a busy road. get a quick 40 winks.

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A hard hard days shopping with the girlfriend.

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I recently visited the Dongguan & Guangzhou Furniture Fairsthey are a prime location for spotting staff snoozing blatantly as potential customers walk by.

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Cunning, hiding his face; he can’t possibly be asleep!

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Security was tight.

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The police took their job very seriously.

I’ll try to get some more covert snaps soon.