MADE LOGO Two of my products have been selected to be included in the VOTE page of the new home brand MADE.COM.

Made offer handpicked pieces from designers all around the world. The designs are then added to the Vote page of their website and customers get to choose what will go into production – Power to the people!

vote screen grab

The products are made to order then shipped back to the UK, which in total takes about 10 weeks. It might seem like a long time but that’s how they keep the prices so super cheap without skimping on quality. Lets be honest we’ve all been into a furniture shop and tried to order something only to be told it’s out of stock and you have to wait until 2020 for it to arrive! This way when you buy it it’s yours, clever!

I’m not just biased either, honest. I’ve got my eye on their Tripod Pedestal by Sean Dix.

Voting is easy, you click HERE and the products are below:

12. Limpet_detail

The Limpet Wall Hook.

2.HOUND_4 tessilatedand Hound Occasional Table.

Thanks so much I’d really appreciate your support, all I want is for more people to be able to buy and enjoy my designs…VOTE!