London Design Festival 2012, Part 2 of 3.

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Part 2 of 3: 100% Design and Designjunction.

100% design has always been one of the largest exhibitions that is part of LDF, but in past years the curation has waned and so has the visitor enthusiasm. This year Media 10 have taken over the reigns and injected some much needed Brand and creative influence.
With large established brands, commercial brands and emerging brands exhibiting along side each other. It is still a trade fair at Earls Court; but has begun to move in the right direction.
This year there were zones split into Office, Kitchen and bathroom, Eco, design and build, International pavilions, Interiors. I always gravitate towards the latter two, as that is where you see more inspiration and new trends.

Button, Bright colours and fun.

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The mini London world of Clerkenwell Design Week.

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Dare Studio have been very bust over the last year, with new products: Bronte upholstered chair, Maya desk, and spine chair. I really like the round low proportions of the Bronte.

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I wish I’d had the time but there were some great seminars at 100% throughout the day. The auditorium was designed by Paul Cocksedge.

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James Harrison Design stand increases in size and stature year after year, new products including the Norton Chair and Holton tables.

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As well as a press area, Knoll had the foresight to add in a Bloggers lounge; there should be even more, with free biscuits.

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Mark Furniture always have a strong presence, this year launching the Milly Stool . Contrasting buttons are still a really big trend this year, but I liked how Mark had used painted wood, so you could still see the grain, and clustered the buttons together.

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Plant and Moss are going from strength to strength after their recently newly launched  Bisley sofas for Heals Discovers 2012.

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There Akita Desk Range uses all the 2012/13 trends, concrete, brass, copper and wood.

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Mercedes-Benz exhibited one of their concept car; I was more interested in the stand than the car.

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For Fair weary passers by Ola Mireka and friend, were supplying free glasses of home made lemonade...Lava Lemonade; in resin cups. 

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Designjunction looked amazing this year, and for me blew all other competing shows out of the water. It may not have been the biggest (yet), but from what I saw I certainly had a lot of the brightest companies and design brands. A real step up from the first show in Milan 2011 where Modus launched my Drew range.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to visit the fair during the day, just for the evening events, so spent most of the time catching up with friends and creative acquaintances I haven't seen since before my adventures to China.

This year it was located in the Old Royal Mail Sorting office on New Oxford street, and for a derelict building, they did a great job at transforming it into an exclusive design venue.

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… and exclusive it certainly felt; the queue for the launch night was as far as they eye could see, thankfully I had a man on the inside to let me in!

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Innermost had a gravity defying stand exhibiting new products, like Portland by James Bartlett.

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Screen Shot 2012-10-14 at 21.13.47

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Desktop Empires, by Colin Wilson

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Designers in Residence exhibited tools of everyday life, the use of materials and craftsmanship was really tangible. Modeling tools for Swann Morton, by David Irwin was my absolute favorite piece, a teeny wood plane; small but perfectly formed.

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Fashion Art Object a brand new online shop launched for LDF12. Which sells carefully curated selection of high-end fashion accessories, art and objects, from international design brands and individual creative talents. Its my ideal shop as is sells from brands/designers I already know as well as introducing me to new ones.

Highly recommended for finding the perfect gift for design/style savvie loved ones and friends…or yourself!

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So tempted to buy one of Elin Green’s pieces, I’ve loved them since I spotted them at New Designers 2011.

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I’m also hoping if I’m a very good girl Father Christmas might leave me one of these divine bags by Bracher Emden.

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Simon Hasan , this time mixing leather and glass, in amore tailored way that with previous projects.

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Very Good and Proper had a big stand with some eyecatching lighting. (more brass and copper).

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Then the evening was over, such a shame I didn’t get to walk around the other floors. Daily Tonic were much more organised than me I click here to view their photos.