September is looming and the London Design Festival is a key international event for designers all over the world. I'm no exception showing in two location this year, if you can make it great!


I'm showing at 100% Futures stand H105 with in 100% Design you can register for a ticket if your trade or a public visitor via the 100% website: The show is within Earls Court 2. My old friends at Designersblock will be in Earls Court 1, I'm looking forward to see what they've been up to. Just in case you don't know how to get to Earls Court.


THE DOCK I've also decided to get double exposure for the festival and am also showing within 'The Dock' an exhibition of creative talent curated by Tom Dixon and sponsored by Derwent London at Portobello Dock from the 21st to the 27th of September. The site looks amazing and there are some really great brands and designers being represented there. This is the site map there are three main locations, the Tom Dixon Office, 4 floors of the Canal building and the entire White building, where I'll be showing.


The Dock main gates. This is the Tom Dixon office, where there will be work on the terrace and withing the Tom Dixon Show room. No ducks today! Then over the bridge to the White building.


This is part of the white building, it's massive, I'm sooo excited about showing here. I won't be alone either I'm sharing a room with my friend Ana-Maria Stewart-Pasescu we both met during interning at TD so this space should be fun! This is our room on the Second floor, watch this space to see what it becomes!