Limpet Hooks now available at MADE.COM


KW_MADE.COM LIMPET HOOK LAUNCH Sept 2011 The original Limpet design launched in 2009, were manufactured from timer off-cuts by a UK timber manufacturer. They were retailed in the Kirsty Whyte website for £12.99 each.

After being submitted by Kirsty to the VOTE section of the MADE.COM website and receiving one of the most number of customer votes.

The Limpet Hooks have now been launched by due to popular demand.

They come in a multi-coloured plastic set of 6 at only £29. Kirsty Whyte has creatively combined a contemporary design with a classic satin finish. These timely, organic, mollusc shaped hooks are a striking addition to any room.

The hooks are warm, tactile and practical; the vibrant red and blue colours combined with the muted grey and eye-catching design make interesting wall art.