Sophie Ralli

I met Sophie when I exhibited with Kirsty Whyte in Milan 2010 as part of Hidden Art. I was impressed with her talent, and it's been great seeing her brand grow from strength to strength in a very short space of time.

London based studio Ralli Design was formed by brother and sister Louis and Sophie Ralli in 2009 after graduating from Central Saint Martins, London, where they specialised in product and ceramic design.

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If they were to make a toy action figure of you, what would your accessory be?
If I was a action figure, my accessory would be a compass. It is the tool I cannot live without as a designer. No matter what I am designing the circle is the shape that I come back to again and again. Obviously it would be a really amazing compass with loads of other mind blowing features...

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your design life has taken?
When my brother Louis and I set up Ralli Design we knew what we wanted to achieve but not how to do it. Our path so far has been shaped by seeking lots of advice from industry people and being open to different opportunities. As a result, our original goals for the company have evolved and changed for the better along the way. Persistence and optimism are two powerful tools we do have control over and they have been integral to Ralli Design's progression.

What’s something you know you do differently than most people?
I know that many contemporary product designers use computers as their main tool when designing. My initial approach is much more old school and rudimentary. I churn out thousand of pages drawings and Blue Peter style models made from anything I can get my hands on (usually from the recycling bin). Once I have settled on the final idea and the office is littered with little creations, only then will I turn to the computer!

What product or event inspired you to be a designer?
In high school we were lucky enough to design and make our own radios in Design Technology (my favourite class) and I fell in love the whole process. My passion for design was later confirmed on my art foundation course at Central Saint Martins.

If you could go back in time and become the designer of any existing item, what would you choose?
In the early 1960’s Robert Welch designed a stainless steel tea set for Old Hall's Alveston Range, I would have loved to be responsible for this beautiful design.