Mischief in May




A little late as usual but here’s a quick round up of other fun and creative events, etc I’ve been up to!


PICK ME UP at Summerset House, London.  A graphic arts fair with a range of established and novice artists exhibiting together.


I even loved the free literature we could pick up on our way around.

Here are a selection of pieces that caught my eye; unfortunately I couldn’t stretch my purse strings quite enough!


James Joyce a striking use of text and block colour. He does sell prints and T-Shirts via his website so check it out.





We went to the Special Glug evening where there were several talks by various graphic artists and designers. This one is where they’re talking about what inspires them.

L1020833 L1020837 L1020838 L1020839 L1020840

Making prints of your own, always fun to do but a bit tricky while holding a beer!






I resisted the urge to put my head in here.


L1020843 L1020844

I was really drawn to this four piece collection of work by Natsko Seki. Initially as you pass you appreciate the overall composition, but as you move in closer you can see each scene is a composite of collected images and Natsko’s own drawings.



An uplifting collage  that can keep you captivated.



Rob Ryan and his dedicated team, relocated their whole studio to the exhibition. Each piece of work is painstakingly drawn out and then delicately cut away.



No wonder they needed an entire jar of scalpel blades; they must get though them!



Print Club London, was set up in 2007 to revive the skills and processes used in screen printing. They provide an affordable environment for designers and illustrators to produce their wears; at the show they were selling limited edition prints for £50.



Evening Tweed is a collective of artists, illustrators and designers, the contrast of environment when walking into this room was great; very gentlemen's club.


L1020852 L1020853

Also in May.

GRAND DESIGNS LIVE, London, which ran from the 1st – 9th of May; which is a LONG show.

My friend Sean Dare (who I exhibited alongside with at Milan 2010), had a stand at the Expo. So to prevent him getting vitamin D deficiency and going mad at his stand over the nine days I helped out. He in turn gave me some wall space for my Limpet Hooks.



It was a great success for us both; keep an eye out for the Limpet Hooks in the August Grand Designs Magazine :)

Oh, and you’ll never guess who bought one of Sean's desks…


photo 2

Mr Grand Designs himself Kevin McCloud! If that isn’t endorsement of a good design I don’t know what is.



These brightly coloured baby elephants are part of Elephants on Parade London 2010. It is part of a charity event which has the multi coloured elephants scattered all over the Capital. They have been decorated by famous artists and will be auctioned off at the end to raise money for the endangered Asian Elephant.



..I can stand the sight of worms and look at microscopic germs but Technicolor pachyderms is really to much for me..!

Here they are out side the mayor of London's office and in Hyde Park.




THE LONDON DESIGN MUSEUM. I’m lucky enough to live near by so pop in whenever possible. I’ll miss it when it moves :(



Urban Africa






L1020900 L1020901

Sustainable Futures:







Brit Insurance Design Award.


L1020909 L1020912 L1020914 L1020917




A three day festival in on of London’s creative districts. It is a free event so I registered and got my natty wrist band  and had a wander to see what I could find.



Part of the Farmiloe Building, which was a great space, tucked away. So nice to see not all of London has succumbed to high-rise office development. Apparently some of the rooms have been used on film like the Dark Night don’t you know.

L1020942 L1020943 L1020944

Sean’s been busy again peddling his wears (sorry). He’s the cover boy for this months On Office Magazine.



PechaKucha night at Modus; drawing it’s name from Japanese term for the sound of "chit chat". A brilliant line up of speakers from Michael Sodeau, PearsonLloyd, Sam Johnson, Ed Carpenter, Tangerine, Jess Alban, Jonathan Prestwich, Alice Breed, to Aidan Walker. It was really busy and so I spent allot of my time on the pavements tiptoeing to see the presentation; thankfully they had plumb wine and Japanese beer to keep me going.



Cappellini Party, where my friends from Raw Edges showed their Tailored Wood seat.




Where they have permanent exhibitions from London before London to Modern day London which leads you to The Sacker Hall. Where you can have a much deserved rest and cuppa.


L1020961 L1020962 L1020963 L1020964 L1020966

Well worth the visit is you’re Barbican way.