Lodovico Bernardi

I met Lodo while working at MADE. He was one of the very first employees and moved to Shanghai to help speed up the development process. He helped develop a number of key ranges, and has since left the company to develop products for a host of other brands.

Website - lodovicobernardi.com

If they were to make a toy action figure of you, what would your accessory be?
ahah.. wheels! I like to travel

To what degree have you actually controlled the course your design life has taken?
I have always been involved is design related issues since at early age I started to work on my father own family business wood workshop. Since there my path has taken the direction that now I can see naturally developed after many years of experience in the field thanks to collaboration with design office, companies and recently my own design activity.

Looking back to this path that looks like a destiny somehow, something that I have inherited from family and that I have just brought ahead.

This is a macroscopic view, if I have to look into the microscopic, design for me is partially creative but entrepreneurial too. Business must be flexible to adapt to market needs and trends too, but not only, it’s even about the people you meet, the experiences, feelings and friends one has.

Mixing these ingredients up all together is what have driven me so far.

What’s something you know you do differently than most people?
Generally speaking I like to have different vision or let’s say a personal vision. I like to see things in my own way and discuss, criticise these things. I believe that best doesn’t exist but I believe better or worse exist.

So I tend to destroy and then rebuild what I have in front of me (ideas or products). But when I rebuild, for sure I am more sure what I have in front of me. Especially, I can decide whether to include everything, add or subtract parts. Let’s call it controlled reconstruction, to produce the better.

This I guess is “different”.

What product or event inspired you to be a designer?
As mentioned previously, my passion for design comes entirely from my family background, afterwards when I started to discover more, passion for this work has been growing day after day, and the more I discover the more I get passionate. Design is nourished by curiosity.

If you could go back in time and become the designer of any existing item, what would you choose?
Well, there are so many items that I love, it is difficult for me to synthesize. If I really have to say one I’d go for the late ‘70s Porsche 911, love that! but that’s because I saw it yesterday and it’s the first image in my head at the moment. I am sure it will not go away soon.