The Purewhyte Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection.

Launched during the London Design festival.
Just a quick close up review of the products:
The LIMPET WALL HOOK- now available to purchase via the e-commerce section of my website (please click here to buy), it's all very exciting!
These fun mollusc shaped hooks are made from timber off-cuts, and are great for hanging clothing, accessories or I quite like them just to add a bit of colour and interest to a wall. You cannot see the detail in these images, but through the lacquer you still get some texture from the wood grain, and the point is rounded- so no damaged clothes or fingers!
The first batch is in production now; I'm working with a Norwich based company, who was keen to improve their 'green' policy and use their off-cuts for something; perfect timing!
At £14.50 each they're a bargain and a perfect gift for Christmas :)

GORDO TABLE LAMP, these lamps are an extension of the Gordo pendant range which I launched during the Milan Furniture Fair this year. They use the same principal of one continuous line of glass and have been handmade by a Southampton bases lathe glass worker. The cable flexes come in a spectrum of beautiful punchy colours and I am now looking at anodising the funnel to give more choice within the range. The Diameter is 280mm so this can also be used as an up lighter.

Additional colour and laser cut pattern for the HOUND OCCASIONAL TABLES; this design was also originally launched at Milan, but to refresh the design for the next season I added this fuchsia petal pattern.
Stacking a set of four.

THE WARP WALL CLOCK, this is a family of spun aluminium wall clocks, rather than just seeing clocks as a flat wall piece I wanted to create an interesting wall covering that occupies a more 3D space. Below you can see the aluminium and gold anodised finishes.

Well I hope you like them, if you want more information or high resolution images of any Purewhyte products please contact me:

Extra special thanks to Alison Tanner who took these photos- quite an adventure setting up a photography studio in my lounge!

Design week final instalment - 2009 -100% Design Design

Sept 24th-27th
100% Design London was the final show of in September, so I thought I'd add a little insight as to what goes on behind the scenes in the mad panic before the masses of trade and public visitors descend, and the even greater panic to pack away again!
Thankfully I had two 6'4" assistants as I had forgot to pack my Go Go Gadget arms!
After the lights are up everything else is just in bubble wrap.
ta da! And here they come...
This is Ana a journalist from Glamour Magazine Italy showing me the article I'm in. 100% was a great opportunity to put faces to names of so many people I had emailed.
Some new snazzy business cards from the dark blues were the favourites!
100% Futures
And the rest. Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of the show as I constantly manned my stand; you never know who you might miss!
My two most important visitors; my Mum and Auntie :)
Chatting the Chat.
This is my friend Nick half of Sonodesign- the week is slowly taking it's toll as we all start to sit.
Here are the boys from Scott, Rich and Victoria starting to get that middle distance stare that kicks in around 5 ish! The good thing is they get to model their No.3 stool at the same time...very cleaver. I'm designing a bed next time!
Sunday- the last visitor leaves and the mad packing panic begins.
Don't try this at home kids.
And then like that is was over - a blank shell again.
For more information and follow up from 100% design visit Despoke where regular updates and interviews are added.