Limpet Wall Hooks in the New Made office

kirsty whyte-blog-made-limpet  (26)

I was recently back in the UK for 3 weeks, getting dose of Union Flags, and mashed potatoes. But it wasn’t all fun in the cloud covered sun, I was also working. There are worse places to catch up on emails though, as I was based in the new Snazzy office. With the team growing they had to find a new home. Here are a few insider photos from where the magic happens.

kirsty whyte-blog-made-limpet  (3)

kirsty whyte-blog-made-limpet  (2)

Spot the product! Champion Pro football table, Jonah armchair, Canape sofa, Master Jack armchair, Bow Light…..

kirsty whyte-blog-made-limpet  (7)

There were even mini rapid prototype versions, i love the mini Bouiji!

kirsty whyte-blog-made-limpet  (8)

To my delight I also discovered the Limpet Wall Hooks were on display and more importantly used throughout the office.

kirsty whyte-blog-made-limpet  (18)

In the Hallway for coats and bags…

kirsty whyte-blog-made-limpet  (19)

In the kitchen, for stray tea towels.

kirsty whyte-blog-made-limpet  (26)

More coat hooks in the Customer Service team.

kirsty whyte-blog-made-new-limpet

Hopefully there will be some space left for the new Limpet Hook Colours due to be released next month, here’s a sneaky peek.

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